5000+ Words Guide: Jetpack WordPress vs Alternatives? How to save $111/Year?

WordPress Jetpack plugin offers Hassle-free design, marketing, and security features for your WordPress websites at a very affordable price, compared to other premium plugins and themes. With Jetpack WordPress, You get everything you need to build powerful WordPress websites, in one service.


WordPress.com lets you easily build personal, business and eCommerce websites without any technical knowledge.

Jetpack lets you Monetize your website with Jetpack ads to make money and sell products or accept donations with Jetpack Payments button.


This ultimate comparison guide is not written to convince to use Jetpack but italso helps you to choose the best Jetpack plan, Premium themes, and pluginsto save up to $110/year.

In this 5000+ words ultimate comparison guide, We have discussed all the features of Jetpack and compared these features and pricing with many other popular paid plugins to find out how much money, you can save by using the Jetpack plugin for your WordPress websites.

If you are using WordPress as a self-hosted system and just started learning it, You might have heard of Jetpack for WordPress. Jetpack is a very popular and widely used free plugin for WordPress.

WordPress is the most widely used Content Management System and Publishing platform to build business websites and personal blogs, powering 30% of the entire Internet.

If you are an absolute beginner, read 6000+ words guide How to use WordPress to build websites.

A WordPress plugin is used to add some additional features and functionality to your WordPress installation.

Jetpack for WordPress is one of the most widely used plugins with 5+ million active installations. The free version offers many essential and great features such as contact forms, Brute force protection, login page security, image optimization, social sharing features, and many more.

Premium Jetpack Plans are starting from only $3.50/month which offers daily backups and spam protection for your website.

If you will Build Websites with WordPress.com, You won’t need to pay anything extra for Jetpack and Hosting. Because Jetpack plans are included with WordPress.com personal, premium, and business plans. You can create a personal, business or e-commerce website with WordPress.com.

WordPress.com plans to build personal, business and eCommerce websites Includes JetPack features


Regular website backups can’t be ignored. If something bad happens to your site, a plugin or theme update break your site or someone hacks your website, You can easily restore your site to an earlier and clean backup with Jetpack without any technical knowledge.

1. Who Makes Jetpack?

Jetpack is a product of a company called Automattic, which is the largest WordPress company. This is the same company which owns WordPress.com and they also contribute to a number of non-profit and Open Source projects, like WordPress.org, BuddyPress and many more.

Automatic employees hundreds of developers and designers and offers many many things including WordPress themes, plugins, file sharing, backup, security, and more services.


  1. WordPress.com to build websites and blogs without any technical knowledge
  2. Jetpack to make WordPress installation more powerful with security, backups, and more
  3. WooCommerce the most powerful and popular plugins to start online stores and membership sites
  4. VaultPress to backup your WordPress websites
  5. Akismet to control spam
  6. LongReads to find and share long content
  7. Simplenote to keep notes everywhere
  8. Cloudup to stores images and files.

are few of their popular services for WordPress users. Most of the above-mentioned services are absolutely free, some of these services have paid plans as well.

Akismet and VaultPress were standalone services but now Jetpack Premium plans include these services. If you signup for Jetpack Personal plan, You will be able to use both Akismet antispam and VaultPress backup services.

They are behind these many services, because of that you can expect quality and long-term availability from them. They put a lot of resources on Jetpack, they are not going to let it die very soon and they are not going to let bugs and poor quality code work their way in.

2. Why use Jetpack and avoid other plugins?

Jetpack WordPress image here

Jetpack is an All-in-One Solution for most of the WordPress features. Install Jetpack to get rid of dozens of out-dated, poor quality code and slow plugins.

Jetpack can reduce strain on your hosting servers and can save you money. Jetpack works behind the scenes to block malicious attacks. It also monitors downtimes of your site and sends an email notification whenever your site is down so you can take the necessary measures.

Ho to Fix Downtime or Slow Website? If your website is down often It means, Your hosting company sucks or you might be using a shared hosting plan. Consider using a super fast managed WordPress hosting service like Kinsta, Bluehost or EasyWP.

Jetpack lets you view statistics for all of your posts, and pages within your WordPress Dashboard, You don’t need to install or use any other service to view site stats.

Jetpack offers dozens of features and you can enable or disable any feature you need. With Jetpack installed, You don’t need to use dozen of plugins from different developers.

3. Install Jetpack and Get Rid of These 10+ Plugins

Jetpack offers dozens of features, you might not need to enable all of those features but some features are necessary for all type of small and big websites.

10 best JetPack WordPress features
10 best JetPack WordPress features

11 Must Use Jetpack Features: All of these features are FREE

  1. Site Stats: Enable this feature to view all the stats for your blog posts and pages on your website.
  2. Contact Forms are a very important part of any website. Don’t forget to create one with the Jetpack contact form module.
  3. Downtime monitoring. If jetpack finds out that your site is down, you will receive an email.
  4. Image Performance feature allows you to use Jetpack servers to serve images with Lazy loading feature for faster performance.
  5. Mobile Theme: If your website theme if not responsive, You can activate Jetpack mobile theme or use a free theme from the available Jetpack themes.
  6. Social Sharing Buttons: From the sharing screen settings, You can add Twitter, Facebook, and other social sharing buttons to your posts and pages for easy sharing. You can also connect them to automatically share your posts to social networks.
  7. Subscription feature allows users to subscribe to your posts and comments and receive notifications via email.
  8. Related Posts feature lets you display post from the same category at the end of each blog post with or without a featured image.
  9. XML Site Maps and Verification feature makes it simple and easy to verify your website with Google, Bing, Yandex, and Pinterest.
  10. WordPress.com log in: Add an extra layer of security to your website by enabling WordPress.com log in and secure authentication. If you have multiple sites with this option enabled, you will be able to log into every one of them with the same credentials.
  11. Brute force attack protection: feature makes your website secure and safe from the malicious attacks and safeguards your login page.

All of the above mentioned featured are free to use, You don’t need to pay to use these features.

You can upgrade anytime to use other premium features such as Daily backups for your website which costs only $3.50/month and your website will also be protected from spam with this plan.

4. Pricing and features comparison: Jetpack VS other premium plugins

Jetpack Pricing and Plans

Jetpack is a very affordable plugin and offers all the premium features at a very low rate compared to other premium plugins PLUS Jetpack is developed by Automattic the Company behind WordPress.com, WooCommerce, BuddyPress and many other services, so you can trust them.

Let’s compare Jetpack premium features with some other popular premium WordPress plugins.

We will discuss other plugins and their features but our main focus will be on Jetpack features.

4.1 Backups: Jetpack backups VS BlogVault vs BackupBuddy vs UpDraftPlus

Backups are very important for any website. JetPack offers daily backups with 30-days archive for$3.50/month + you also get automated spam filtering.

JetPack Site Backups & Restores Features


Plan Free Personal 3.50/month Premium $9/month Professional $29/month
Site Backups Daily Daily Real-time Backups
Backup Archive 30 Day Archive 30 Day Archive Unlimited Archive
Backup Storage Size Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Automated Site Restores Yes Yes Yes
Site Migration Tools Yes Yes Yes
  View Comparison Get Personal Plan Get Premium Plan Get Pro Plan

BlogVault a very popular Premium WordPress backup service costs $7.4/month and does not offer WooCommerce backups with this plan. Their Advanced plan starting at $20.75 / Month offers real-time backups with WooCommerce support.

BackupBuddy is another very popular plugin for WordPress backups costs $80/year for a single site with 1GB storage limit. It also backups plugin files and custom post types.

UpDraftPlus is a free WordPress backup plugin but the premium plan is starting from $42/year with 1GB storage limit and access to all add-ons and updates for a year.

Pricing Comparison
  • Jetpack Backups + Spam filtering: $39/Year
  • BlogVault backups $88.8/year
  • BackupBuddy $80/Year
  • UpDraftPlus $42/year

As you can see Jetpack is the most affordable option here and you will also get the unlimited file, and image hosting, brute-force protection, downtime monitoring, automated social media sharing, and many more features.

4.2 Premium Themes and Design options: Jetpack Themes vs Avada vs X vs Premium Themes

WordPress Themes and plugins make it simple and easy to customize your website. You can change the look and feel of your website and make it unique with customization features.

JetPack Themes and Site Customization Features

Plan Free Personal 3.50/month Premium $9/month Professional $29/month
Starter Themes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Premium Themes (200+) Yes
Subscriptions Yes Yes Yes Yes
Gallery and Slideshow Tools Yes Yes Yes Yes
Custom Sidebars Yes Yes Yes Yes
Special Content Embeds Yes Yes Yes Yes
Infinite Scroll Yes Yes Yes Yes
Write Posts by Email Yes Yes Yes Yes
Custom Comments Yes Yes Yes Yes
Easy Contact Forms Yes Yes Yes Yes
  View Comparison Get Personal Plan Get Premium Plan Get Pro Plan

Jetpack makes it simple and easy to customize your website with its free features. 100+ themes and all other customization features are free to use. If you’d like to use premium themes, You can upgrade to Jetpack Professional plan which unlocks 200+ premium WordPress themes.

Jetpack Themes: Jetpack offers 100+ free themes with all plans, while the Professional plan which costs $29/month lets you use 200+ premium themes.

Avada is the highest selling WordPress themes at ThemeForest with 492,234+ sales. The regular license of Avada theme costs ($60 + $18) with the extended support to 12 months. While Extended license costs ($2950+$881) to be used by you or 1 client.

X Theme is another best selling WordPress theme at ThemeForest with 198,344+ sales. The regular license of Avada theme costs ($59 + $17.63) with the extended support to 12 months. While the Extended license costs ($3200+$975) to be used by you or 1 client in a single end product.

ElegantThemes: is a very popular marketplace with 554,210+ customers to buy WordPress premium themes and plugins. Yearly license costs $89 while the lifetime license costs $249, which gives you access to all the themes and three plugins Bloom email opt-ins, Divi Builder, and Monarch Social Sharing plugins.

Pricing Comparison
  1. Jetpack 200+Themes $299 + access to all Jetpack professional features
  2. Avada single theme license $78/year
  3. XTheme single license $76.63/year
  4. ElegantThemes All themes and 3 plugins $89/year

Both Avada and X Theme offer many premium plugins for free. JetPack does not have all of those features but has enough features you need for your business or personal websites.

If we compare the above-mentioned pricing for the year, it seems, Jetpack is expensive. But you are wrong. Because with the Jetpack premium plan, You will also get real-time backups, spam filtering, Paypal payments integration, Ad-program, security and many other features.

4.3 Premium Video Hosting: Jetpack vs Wistia vs Vidyard

Jetpack offers Video Hosting with premium plan starting at $9/month.

You can always publish your videos free at YouTube without paying a single penny but if you need to host your business videos exclusively on your website, You need to choose a powerful video hosting service.

Jetpack offers many features to improve the performance of your website for free. For example, Jetpack is offering unlimited images and static file hosting without any charges and with the lazy-loading feature, You can improve the page-loading time as well.

JetPack Features to Serve Super Fast Videos, Images and Files

Plan Free Personal 3.50/month Premium $9/month Professional $29/month
Static file hosting Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Image hosting Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Video hosting Unlimited Unlimited
Lazy loading images Yes Yes Yes Yes
Enhanced Search Yes
  View Comparison Get Personal Plan Get Premium Plan Get Pro Plan

Let’s compare Jetpack Video hosting with some of the popular business video hosting services.

JetPack Video Hosting comes with the premium plan starting at $9/month. It lets you host unlimited ad-free and unbranded videos effortlessly on WordPress.com servers and deliver it at high speeds to your viewers, which you can easily add to your WordPress posts and pages from the content editor. You can also see the detailed rich stats for individual and overall video plays.

Wistia Pro costs $99/month without any Wistia branding, includes 10 free videos, easy embedding for sharing in blog posts, emails or social media, lead generations and advanced video analytics.

Vidyard is offering two different types of plans for marketing and Sales. Starter Marketing plan costs $150/month (20 videos), Marketing Plus plan costs $850/month with advanced features and 100 videos while Sales GoPro plan costs $80/month (5 shared videos per license)

Pricing Comparison
  • Jetpack Video $9/month
  • Wistia Pro $99/month
  • Vidyard from $80/month

There is no need to compare the pricing here. Jetpack video hosting clearly wins here. To host videos with Jetpack you need to signup for Jetpack Premium plan, and you also get Automated malware scanning, security fixes, SEO preview tools, Google Analytics integration, Ad network approval, and Accept payments features.

4.4 Premium SEO Features: JetPack SEO vs All-in-One SEO Pack vs Yoast


All of the 3 above mentioned SEO plugins offers basic SEO features for free. The pro versions of these plugins offer live Google, Facebook, and Twitter previews, Custom metadata tools, multiple keyword optimization, and many more pro features.

The table below shows the SEO features available with each Jetpack plan.

Jetpack SEO Features

Plan Free Personal 3.50/month Premium $9/month Professional $29/month
Site verification Yes Yes Yes Yes
XML Sitemaps Yes Yes Yes Yes
Live Preview Google Yes Yes
Live Preview facebook Yes Yes
Live Preview Twitter Yes Yes
Custom Meta Tools Yee Yes
Custom Titles Yes Yes
  View Comparison Get Personal Plan Get Premium Plan Get Pro Plan
Pricing Comparison

If you are already using Jetpack premium plan, You can use SEO preview tools for SEO. Jetpack costs a bit more than the other SEO plugins here.

With JetPack Premium plan, You also get Unlimited video hosting, malware scanning, Google analytics integration, ad network approval, PayPal payments buttons, and many other features.

On the other hand, Yoast and All-in-One-SEO Pack are SEO only plugins, you don’t get any other features which JetPack premium plan offers. The Free versions of both Yoast and All-in-One SEO Pack offer more features than JetPack.

4.5 Premium Security Features: JetPack vs Sucuri vs wordfence vs ithemes

Security image here

Security is a very big issue for any website, be it a small personal website or a big business website with millions of visitors. WordPress has many very popular security plugins.

All of the plugins mentioned in the headline offers basic security features free of cost and you don’t need to pay a single dollar but for premium features, you will have to sign up for the paid plan.

The table below shows all of the Jetpack Security features.

JetPack Core Security Features

Plan Free Personal 3.50/month Premium $9/month Professional $29/month
Brute-force Attack Protection Yes Yes Yes Yes
Downtime Monitoring Yes Yes Yes Yes
Secure Authentication Yes Yes Yes Yes
Easy Plugin Management Yes Yes Yes Yes
Plugin Auto-updates Yes Yes Yes Yes
Site Activity Last 20 Events 30 Day Archive 30 Day Archive One Year Archive
Spam Filtering (by Akismet) Yes Yes Yes
Malware Scanning Daily On-demand
Auto Fixes Unlimited
  View Comparison Get Personal Plan Get Premium Plan Get Pro Plan

The pro-security features include on-demand and auto scans, unlimited auto fixing, File Change Monitoring Spam & Blacklist Monitoring, and many other features.

Jetpack Premium Plan costs $99/year which offers daily malware scanning, 1-on-1 consultation, Automated malware scanning, and automatic security fixes.

Jetpack Professionalplan costs $300/year, which unlocks all the security features including on-demand malware scanning, unlimited auto fixes, 1-year archive, and premium themes support.

Sucuri’s basic plan is starting at $199/year with the Malware Removal & Hack Response time of 12 hours. You also get access to advanced security features.

Wordfence costs $99/year for a single site license, it offers real-time protection, IP Blacklist, Firewall Rule Updates, and Malware Signature Updates.

iThemes Security plugin costs $80/year to protect a single website, which offers Scheduled Malware Scanning, two-factor authentication, password expiration, and a few other features.

Pricing Comparison: Which Security Plugin better?

From the above-mentioned security plugins, iThemes security ($88/year) is the most affordable option followed by Jetpack Premium and WordFence both cost $99/year.

Jetpack Professional is a bit expensive costs $300/year, which unlocks on-demand malware scanning and unlimited auto-scanning. You only need this feature if you have a big business website with millions of page views and targeted heavily by bad guys.

Otherwise, You can go with Jetpack Premium plan, which offers daily scanning.

With Jetpack Premium and Professional plan, You will also get access to dozens of other super useful features such as Elasticsearch, Video Hosting, 200+ premium themes, SEO preview tools, and many others.

4.6 Google Analytics Integration: JetPack vs Analytify vs Monsterinsights

Analytics image here

Even Though Jetpack offers detailed Site stats for free, many advanced website developers and bloggers prefer to use Google Analytics for in-depth site statistics.

In the table below, You can see the details.

JetPack Site Traffic & Insights Features

Plan Free Personal 3.50/month Premium $9/month Professional $29/month
Site Stats Yes Yes Yes Yes
Advertising Stats Yes Yes
Post Sharing History Yes Yes
Google Analytics Integration Yes Yes
  View Comparison Get Personal Plan Get Premium Plan Get Pro Plan

Google Analytics is a free service and you can use it with your WordPress website for free but it does not display site stats within the WordPress Dashboard, You need to visit the Google Analytics Dashboard.

Google analytics display a lot of detailed information but in a complex way.

Luckily there are many free and paid Plugins available, which can display stats from Google Analytics within your WordPress Dashboard in a simple way. Let’s compare 3 popular paid options.

Jetpack and Google Analytics: Google Analytics integration is provided as part of the Jetpack Premium plan costing $9 per month (or just $99 annually). You just copy and paste the Google Analytics tracking ID and JetPack does the rest.

Analytify: is an affordable plugin, which offers much more than what Jetpack Google Analytics offers.

Analytify plugin gained popularity because it displays complex Google analytics information in a simpler way. Personal plan cost $39 only with 1-year of updates while developer license costs $199 only with 1-year of updates and can be used on 100 sites.

Monsterinsights is another popular paid plugin but it is expensive than the both Jetpack and Analytify. It costs $199/year for small business and publishers while the Agency plan costs $799/year and can be used on 25 sites only.

Pricing Comparison
  1. Jetpack premium $99/year
  2. Analytify $39/year
  3. Monsterinsights $199/year

From the above mentioned 3 Google analytics plugins for WordPress, Analytify is the best choice, Single site license costs only $39/year while developers license costs only $199/year and you can use it on 100 sites.

If you choose the Jetpack Premium plan, it’d cost you $99/year. Even Though you get access to all other jetpack features but you won’t be able to see as many details as Analytify shows you.

If you are satisfied with Jetpack stats, stick with it but if you prefer to use Google analytics then Download Analytify plugin to view all the Google Analytics stats in a very simple way within your WordPress Dashboard.

4.7 Social Media Marketing and Traffic Tools: Jetpack vs Hootsuite vs Buffer

Social media image here

Social networking websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and other sites are very popular among bloggers to drive traffic and boost sales.

Jetpack offers a complete set of tools to boost your income and website traffic. In the table below, You can see all the features Jetpack is offering to boost traffic and engagement on your site.

JetPack Traffic Tools and Scheduled Social Sharing

Plan Free Personal 3.50/month Premium $9/month Professional $29/month
Related Posts Yes Yes Yes Yes
Post Sharing Tools Yes Yes Yes Yes
Auto Social Sharing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Auto Social Resharing Yes Yes
Social Share Scheduling Yes Yes
  Traffic Tools Get Personal Plan Get Premium Plan Get Pro Plan

Jetpack Social Media Automation: Jetpack offers a free tool to automatically share your latest blog posts on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and many other websites.

If you need to enable the auto social resharing feature and want to schedule social media post, You will have to signup for the Jetpack Premium plan, starting at $9/month. With this plan, You can track and view share history and Re-share existing or evergreen content from your blog.

Hootsuite professional plan costs you $19/month. With this plan, You can connect your 5 social profiles for unlimited scheduling for 1 user. You can also view Key performance metrics.

Buffer starter Pro plan is starting at $15/month. You can connect a total of 8 social media accounts of 1 user. With this plan, You have a limit to scheduled 100 posts per social account.

From the above mentioned 3 services, Jetpack is the most affordable plan starting at $9/month with additional features such as unlimited video hosting, monetization, PayPal payments, SEO preview tools, and many other features.

5. Revenue Generation with Jetpack

It does not matter, If you are using the jetpack for personal or business blog, generating revenue is very important. Everyone needs money to pay their bills.

You can read this 6500+ words guide to start a money making blog with WordPress.

Jetpack allows you to make money from your personal and business blogs and websites in two different ways.

Jetpack Ad Program for WordPress Sites: If you write great content regularly and have built an audience for your website, generating revenue from your traffic is something highly desirable.

Jetpack includes the official WordPress.com advertising program with the Premium plan that lets you monetize your WordPress site.

Once active, Jetpack will display high-quality ads from their approved advertisers on your site allowing you to earn money when readers click an ad.

The premium plan costs only $9/month. It means, if you have enough traffic, you will be able to earn money from your website without paying anything from your own packet. The ad program will allow you to earn some extra money.

Take Payments Easily with Jetpack’s Simple Payment Button: Jetpack Premium and Professional plan users can use this feature to easily accept payments from customers without setting up an online store.

IMAGE HERE https://jetpackme.files.wordpress.com/2017/08/screen-shot-2017-08-31-at-2-59-01-pm.png?w=788&h=326

No need to install and set up extra plugins. Just write your post and use the visual editor to add the Payment Button. Publish your post and start making money from your content.

Once you add Payment Button, you’ll be asked to add details for what you’re selling, an image (if you choose to include one), price and preferred currency, and finally the email address for your PayPal account (where the money will be sent).

6. Jetpack Pricing and Plans

IMAGE HERE wordpress-jetpack-pricing.png

Jetpack is basically a free plugin, If you are not ready to start with a premium plan, You can start with the free plan.

Here are 4 plans, the jetpack is offering.

  1. Jetpack Free plan is $0 for life. With this plan, You can use more than 15+ Free Jetpack features.
  2. Jetpack Personal plan is best for hobbyists. It costs $3.50 /month or $39 yearly
  3. Jetpack Premium plan is Best for small businesses. Starting at $9 /month or $99 yearly
  4. Jetpack Professional plan is best for organizations. Starting at $29 /month or $299 yearly

7. Jetpack Plans and Features overview

As we discussed earlier, Jetpack offers dozens of features to make your WordPress website powerful, secure and super fast. Let’s see, what Jetpack is offering with each of their plans.

7.1 Jetpack Free Plan

offers all of the following features.

  1. 100+ free WordPress themes
  2. Jetpack Mobile Theme
  3. Infinite Scroll
  4. Unlimited static file hosting
  5. Unlimited image hosting
  6. Lazy loading images
  7. No backups
  8. Brute force attack protection
  9. Downtime monitoring
  10. Stats and related content
  11. Automated social media posting
  12. Like button for Posts
  13. View the 20 most recent events
  14. Contact Forms
  15. Subscribe options
  16. Widget Management
  17. Markdown, Grammar and spelling check
  18. Testimonial and Portfolios
  19. Publish post by email

You can see the screenshot below to view all the features of each plan.

IMAGE HERE wordpress-jetpack-ultimate-guide.png

7.2 JetPack Personal Plan ($3.50/month)

This is a very affordable plan starting at $3.50/month or $39/year. With this plan, You get the following premium features.

  1. Daily automated backup
  2. 30-day archive
  3. Automated spam filtering
  4. Priority Support

7.3 JetPack Premium Plan ($9/month)

This plan is great for small business blogs and websites and if you are planning to start blogging on a regular basis. This plan lets you not only secure and backup your website but also allows you to monetize your website to make money with the Ad program.

Here is a list of 10 exclusive Jetpack features available for Jetpack Premium plan users only.

  1. Unlimited video hosting
  2. Automated malware scanning
  3. Automatic security fixes
  4. Scheduled social media posting
  5. SEO preview tools
  6. Google Analytics integration
  7. Ad network approval
  8. Accept PayPal payments
  9. Priority support
  10. Concierge setup service

7.4 Jetpack Professional Plan ($29/month)

The Professional plan is great for organizations and business bloggers. With this plan, You get the following exclusive features + all other Jetpack features that come with the premium plan.

  1. 200+ premium WordPress themes
  2. On-demand Malware scanning
  3. Unlimited fixes
  4. Elasticsearch-powered search
  5. Real-time automated backups
  6. Unlimited archive
  7. View a year’s worth of events
  8. Filter by date range and activity type
  9. Premium theme support

If you’d like to compare all the Jetpack plans and features, visit Jetpack Plans Comparison page to view all the details.

8. How to install Jetpack in WordPress? Easiest Method

If you don’t have one, Create a free WordPress.com account. It is required to setup Jetpack.

Simply visit GetJetpack link and type your blog name and click the continue button to complete the installation.

IMAGE HERE how-to-install-jetpack

If this method does not work for you, You can always install Jetpack manually. Login to your WordPress Dashboard. Go to Plugins – Add New and type Jetpack in the search box. Click the Install button to begin the installation.

Once Installation is complete, You will be asked to Connect JetPack to your WordPress.com account. Complete this step to start using all of the Jetpack features.

9. JetPack Support

Plan Free Personal 3.50/month Premium $9/month Professional $29/month
Support type WordPress Forums Email support Email support Email support
  Email Support Priority support Priority support Priority support
      Concierge setup service Concierge setup service
        Premium theme support

Email Support: In the above table, You can see what type of support get with each of the Jetpack Plan. Free plan users can ask questions at WordPress.org support forums or you can contact Jetpack support team via email.

Getting priority support: If you choose Jetpack Personal plans, you’ll receive expedited service from the dedicated team of Jetpack experts. You can contact them any time there you are automatically get moved to the front of the support queue.

Jetpack Concierge:As a Premium or Professional plan user You will be able to schedule a complimentary one-to-one session with a Jetpack expert. During the session, They’ll make sure that you’re set up to get the most out of your plan, plus chat about personalized goals for your site. After scheduling, you will receive an informational email, including a direct link to chat with your Concierge.

Premium Theme Support: JetPack professional plan unlock 200+ premium themes and you also get support from Jetpack in case of an issue.

10. Which Jetpack Plan is Best For You?

So, Now you know almost everything about all the Jetpack features, plans, and pricing, It’s time tochoose a good plan for your website.

There are 3 paid Jetpack plans to choose from.

  1. Jetpack Personal Plan: This is a must use plan, because It offers daily backups and spam protection at a very affordable price, You can not get a better deal than this plan.
  2. etpack Professional Plan: Offers a lot of great features for only $9/month (9*12=108)or if you pay$99/year, You get a free month and save ($9 with this plan. You get unlimited video hosting, automated malware scanning and fixes, SEO preview tools, ad-network approval and accept payment button to earn money, and one-to-one support.
  3. 3. Jetpack Professional Plan offers everything that comes with Professional plan + You can get access to 200+ premium WordPress themes, on-demand malware scanning, unlimited security fixes, real-time backups with unlimited backup archives, 1-year of site activity, and ElasticSearch powered search.

The professional plans cost $29/month (29*12=348/year) or if you will pay yearly it costs you$299/year, which gives you 2 months free ($49 of savings).

The most expensive Jetpack Plan costs you $299/year, which unlocks all the features. But thequestion is? Do you really need all of these features for your website.

You might have multiple websites, every website does not need all of these features that Jetpack isoffering.

10.1 The Better Option. Ask yourself a few questions to save money

If you are publishing content on a daily or weekly basis on your website, Jetpack Premium plan is a great choice for you, Your data will be backed up and scanned on daily basis and 30-days archives are enough for any website.

With the premium plan, you will get 200+ premium theme, advanced search, and on-demand scansbut you will have to pay $200 than the premium plan to get these features.

Let’s go for the better option, ask yourself a few questions.

  1. Question 1. Aren’t daily scans and backups are enough for my website?
  2. Question 2. Do I really need 200+ premium themes? Because You don’t change your theme so often.People stick with a theme for a long time?
  3. Question 3. Do you really need a powerful search feature for your website? Isn’t default WordPresssearch or Google custom search enough for your website?

If you are satisfied with the daily backups, scans, and 30 days archives, Choose Jetpack PremiumPlan. It will cost you $99/year only.

10.2 Better alternative for Premium Themes

X Theme will cost you $76.63/year with 1 year of support, 30+premium plugins and access to full site demos to quickly create any type of website.

Avada theme will costs you $78/year with 1 year of updates, which also includes 6 premium pluginsworth $200, 45 pre-made full-featured websites, 275+ pre-made webpage design and more features.

while ElegantThemes gives you access to 89 premium themes and 3 plugins (Divi builder, Monarchsocial sharing and Bloom email optin plugins) for $89/year only.

10.3 How to save $111/year Pricing comparison

  1. Jetpack Premium $99 + Single X Theme $76.63 = $175.63 /Year
  2. Jetpack Premium $99 + Single Avada Theme $78 = $177 /Year
  3. Jetpack Premium $99 + (80+) ElegantThemes $89 = $188/Year
  4. Jetpack Premium $99 + ElegantThemes $89 + Analytify $39 = $227/Year

The Most Affordable and Best Option: If you go with the most expensive 3rd option from the above mentioned 3options. You will have to spend $188/year. With this option, you will save $111/year, because JetpackProfessional plan costs $299/year.

With the 3rd option, ElegantThemes, You get access to 89 themes and 3 premium plugins. The great thing is that ElegantThemes allows you to use their themes and plugins on unlimited sites while Jetpack premium themes, Avada and X Theme can be used on a single site only.

11. Conclusion

We have discussed all of the features Jetpack is offering at a very reasonable price. You get almost all of the features in this all-in-one plugin. Normally, You have to purchase/use multiple paid and free plugins for most of these features. With all of the Jetpack plans, You also get support from Jetpack experts.

Analytify the only plugin, You might have to purchase separately if you want to view advanced yet very simple Google analytics within WordPress Dashboard. Because Jetpack Google analytics does not display all the information from Google Analytics within the WordPress dashboard.

Even though Jetpack offers a lot of features but it does not offer everything and every feature you need, that’s why we WordPress has thousands of free and paid plugins.

But, Jetpack offers enough features to build and grow small and large websites and blogs.

Get Jetpack Now || Get 89 ElegantThemes for $89 only || Download Analytify Plugin

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